Vancouver, June, 2020. Glass City. Skyscrapers now flood all of the downtown and most of the North Shore, East Van and Kitsilano. A sudden influx of high tech engineering and production opportunities have allowed the continued growth of a smart, young and international population. Towers of glass, angular and modern, dwarf even the tallest of Vancouvers “Old Scrapers”. The first cybernetic ocular prosthetic has just been announced and the United Applications Corporation is leading the charge for cybernetic enhancements. Canada has taken a stronger step into internation military affairs, being a part of invasions into Venuzuela, Argentina and Azerbaijan alongside the UK and the US.

North Korea is locked in a brutal revolution, Japan has announced the reformation of the Imperial Army and Navy, and Egypt has become the Middle East’s success story of democracy.

You live in Vancouver. You live in Glass City.

Glass City

Bearcat JamesMarshall